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Why should I set my Thermostat before leaving on a trip?

First: Set your Thermostat, Most important… reasoning behind setting your temp is to control the air quality and power consumption. Turning the system down or up depending on the time of year can save you $100’s of dollars a year. Of course, this wold need to be done each time your absent from your home. We don’t need to cool or heat the home to our comfort if where not there.

Check your filtration system

Second: Always check to see if your filter is clean and in the proper location. Sometimes our filters based on there design can shift. Hence, allowing the filter not to be in it’s proper location. A clogged filter can shut a system down while gone.

Examine all your lines

Third: Be sure to see if there is any freezing or leakage around your inside and outside lines. You should be able to see a difference in color around the lines or wall where there attached to. Check for Leaks!

Clean the inside closet compartment and set your Thermostat

Fourth: One’s a month you should clean the closet where your AC Handler is located. This keeps your filter and unit from becoming clogged with dust.

Vacuum your drain

Fifth: One of the most important part of the maintenance to your ac / heating system that needs attention. Take a wet-vac cleaner on the outside of your home were the drain is located. Attach the suction line and run for a min. of 10 minutes. This will pull all of the grime build up out of the line.

Clean the outside vent area and set your Thermostat

Finally: Check to make sure there is no obstruction around the outside venting. Theses vents must be clear of all debris or the unit could fight for air flow. Improper airflow can cause damage to the compressor and blower.

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