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Our Mission

To Protect homeowners personal property from unwanted losses and intruders on our home watch. Give the best Concierge Services our Clients could ever expect.

Our Vision

Be the number one source for Home Watch and Sarasota Concierge Services in Sarasota Florida and surrounding areas.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Sarasota, Florida, Lucky and Ellen continue to embark on their legendary journey of service brilliance from home. With an impressive three decades of experience, they orchestrate their company like seasoned virtuosos, offering an array of unparalleled Home Watch Services, Concierge marvels, personal drivingproject oversightpersonal shopper, and being the ultimate personal assistants. From the hustle of Tampa to the allure of Naples, their influence stretches across the entire Bay area.

As the founders of their family-oriented enterprise, they infuse their work with a touch of familial enchantment, treating clients as if they were part of their own kin. Picture this: every morning, Lucky and Ellen don their capes of competence, radiating enthusiasm and readiness to conquer the day’s challenges with their trademark twinkle in their eyes.

Their decades of experience aren’t merely credentials; they’re badges of trust emblematically displayed on their superhero uniforms. Navigating through bustling streets with the grace of seasoned explorers, they navigate from task to task with the agility of a cheetah and the meticulousness of a koala.

Behind their heroic facade, they remain adventurers at heart, savoring each client’s request as if it were a new treasure map to be unraveled. Amid the bustle, their affinity for animals remains the guiding star of their endeavors. Wagging tails and twitching whiskers serve as testaments to the pets’ adoration of their presence.

Their reputation continues to grow organically, like a whispered secret throughout Sarasota—a secret that friends share among friends, each seeking the epitome of service excellence. On one memorable occasion, when a client’s parrot decided to mimic a car alarm, it was Lucky’s diplomatic prowess that tamed the feathered troublemaker and saved the day.

Their compassion extends beyond domestic animals, touching the lives of every living being they encounter. Their office isn’t just a workspace; it’s a hub of activity where clients enter as strangers and leave as part of the extended family.

The rhythm of Sarasota echoes in harmony with their own—the vibrant pulse of the beach blends seamlessly with the calming sway of palm trees. Ellen’s innate talent for shopping remains unparalleled; she has an uncanny knack for unearthing the perfect gift, enriching every corner of the Bay with joy.

Lucky’s driving escapades transform ordinary commutes into captivating journeys, complete with anecdotes that elicit laughter and a backdrop of mesmerizing coastal vistas. They embody the spirit of Sarasota, infusing the community with vitality and exuberance, their laughter resonating through the streets.

Even amid their bustling schedule, family picnics remain their personal oasis, where a combination of sandwiches and sea breezes revitalize their spirits. Whether amidst storms or sunshine, they stand unwavering as beacons of reliability, ensuring homes remain protected and dreams uninterrupted.

Their story, a rich tapestry of lives touched, dreams fulfilled, and laughter shared, continues to pulse as the heart of Sarasota’s thriving soul. In a world often characterized by transactions, they emphasize the importance of forging genuine connections, illustrating that sincere care is the essence of their service.

From supervising projects to serving as personal shoppers, they seamlessly juggle an array of roles, each one showcasing their expertise and dedication. No request is too grand; no detail is too small. They embody the role of benevolent fairy godparents, infusing each wish with a distinct Sarasota charm. Be sure to rad our reviews.


lucky's concierge connection

Lucky Grenier, Owner

I was born in New Hampshire in 1959. I had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Family is a very important part of my life. I had my own lawn service at the age of 15 from which I learned how much it means for people to depend on me, and I took it to heart.

My summers were later spent working with tradesmen on the Keys, where I mastered many skills (plumbing, painting, masonry, tiling, carpentry, and cabinetry). Learned how important it was to do the job right, while always stopping to lend a hand to those in need.

“There is no better feeling than to help” is the mantra I live by. I have always had a special connection with animals. They trust me, and feel comfortable around me. I’m the guy that takes injured wild animals I find to the Wildlife Center of Venice on Border Road for care.

I look forward to being your personal concierge & professional home watch service provider to help you have an easier life here in Southwest Florida. You made it here! Now enjoy it!

ellen cocnierge connection

Ellen Grenier, Owner

I am Lucky’s wife, Ellen. I was born in Mt. Pleasant Iowa in 1962, and I am the youngest of six. My family moved to Florida in 1970.

One of my first jobs here was working as a daycare center aide, and worked my way up to being the manager in a short time. I later became an elder care giver/companion for over 20 years. It was one of my favorite jobs.

In 2002, I started working for Walmart, and worked my way up into a management position that I held for over 13 years. I am now the assistant manager of Kilwin’s on St. Armand's Circle.

Lucky and I love to help people live easier lives. I’m sure we can do the same for you. Lucky and I like to spend our free time fishing, camping, and playing with grand babies and animals.

Client Testimonials

James McDonaldGoogle Review
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Lucky is excellent. We hired him to be our representative on the ground while construction was being completed on our new home in Lakewood Ranch and before we moved from California. Lucky met furniture deliveries, made sure the home was secure, checked it regularly for leaks and defects, caught and reported problems as they arose, and reported on progress (or not) on the part of our contractors. His knowledge of how all of the elements of a home should work is extraordinary and his integrity is high. I would definitely recommend him for a similar assignment.
Richard MasseyGoogle Review
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Lucky has worked for my wife and I for the last year to watch our home and provide other services as needed such as watering plants and meeting with service providers. I would highly recommend Lucky to anyone that needs this service. He is trustworthy, reliable, diligent in issuing detailed home watch reports, quickly notifying us if there is a problem and ready to help. I would say all the work he did for us was outstanding. It was a pleasure working with Lucky.
Marguerite Soderberg
Marguerite SoderbergGoogle Review
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Lucky has been a great help to watch over the house and maintain it. He can be trusted and is readily available to help and address any issues related to the successful maintenance of the house and the grounds around it. I recommend Lucky’s concierge services wholeheartedly.
RichardGoogle Review
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First meeting Lucky and his family I felt a special bond. As if they were my family and what we needed to get done was a communication of trust. Never have I enjoyed a friendship as meaningful as the one I have with Lucky and Ellen. Thanks to both of you, life has been so much more easier.