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What services are typically included in Sarasota concierge services?

Sarasota concierge services typically include a wide range of services; such as, making reservations, arranging transportation, booking tickets for events, organizing personal shopping, running errands. Also, coordinating house cleaning, and providing recommendations for local attractions and restaurants.

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Sarasota concierge services, located in Sarasota County, Florida. Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, in southwestern Florida, between Manatee and Charlotte counties. The county economy is heavily reliant on the service industry. Focused on tourism and the migration of retirees. The three most drivers are: Hospitality, Retail and Health Care.

The population growth within a ten year period from 2010 – 2020 was over 14.4% of which was higher than the nations 7.4%. Of course, this increase of 54,000 plus new residents averaged a 15 per person daily increase. By the end of 2022, the county population is projected to reach around 452,373 people. In the winter months, the local population can reach a peak of over 500,000 plus people. This is why you need a Sarasota Concierge Service.

Home Income average is about $71,444 making this area a great place to raise a family and enjoy local activity’s. The median house cost has risen in the last few years reaching the amount of $372,000 in 2022. For renting in the area, prices have averaged around $1,320 per month based on bedrooms and baths.

Types of residents…

First, established as a private island community, area draws wealthy residents who value solitude, security, and a decadent lifestyle. Second, the island’s population is well-educated and successful in their careers, with many retirees who have attained financial success and are seeking a place to settle.

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In summary, it’s an exclusive island community that draws in affluent individuals looking for a luxurious and secure lifestyle. The real estate market on the  is competitive, with high-end properties selling for several million dollars. Retirees and second-homeowners comprise a large portion of the community’s population, and they value privacy and a pleasant living environment.

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