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Lucky’s Concierge Connection personal services. That’s exactly what our team offers in professional service. You deserve the best protection possible? Most Importantly, during your absence. 

Bonded, Insured, Accredited, Trusted

Home Watch

In the first place, whether you’re away on vacation or just out of town for the day, you need a home watch service. Our team of professionals is ready to take care of everything. Of Course, we will patrol your home throughout ensuring that it is safe and secure. By the same token, your home is one of your biggest investment.

So, why wouldn’t you want to protect it? Especially while you’re on vacation or a business trip.  What’s more, having the feeling that a company with our dedication will bring you the relaxation you deserve. You want to know your home is being protected from a skilled team of professionals at your service.

Visual Inspections

Clearly, we understand that you have a lot of trust in us, and we will never let you down with our home watch. In deed, our team is highly experienced and equipped to watch over your belongings. So, you can be assured your property will be looked after.
Obviously, you can let us do everything we can to protect it. Thus, making sure that when you come back, it’s the way you left it.
Certainty, start today by contacting Lucky’s Concierge Connection for a free consultation. Hence, doing a visual inspection of a home, condo, rental, vacant property or an unoccupied home.

Lucky’s Personal Concierge Services For Home Watch

Obviously, one of the key benefits to home watch is the peace of mind we provide. Moreover, having a professional on call 24/7. Most of all, avoid any potential problems – crises while you’re away as an absentee home owner.

In addition, our home watch services can help to reduce your workloads. Of course, by having someone take care of all the mundane tasks and being your personal assistant. Now, you can focus on more important things, like enjoying your vacation or taking care of business.

Whereas, having someone monitor your home regularly being a homeowner is important. Furthermore, you can be reassured that everything is safe and secure while you’re away.

Also, home watching can help you monitor other areas of the home your security system can’t. With that said, where able to inform you of other issues that do come up. Like, water leaks and electric outages that needs immediate attention. 

Most important, taking care of these issue whenever they may be, while your enjoying your time away. Of course, this helps prevent additional problems that can arise. Our home watch services are at your disposal in Sarasota Florida from Lucky’s Concierge Connection. 

lucky's concierge connection

Surely, Home Watch Services are a great way to enjoy peace of mind.

Lucky's Concierge Connection Benefits

Peace Of Mind

Clearly, make your life easier - "get the help you need when needed".

Absentee Protection

Absolute, homeowner protection while your away.

Concierge Service

Oversight of your scheduled needs completing your planned days.


Most importantly, guidance and competence skill expected.

Lucky's Concierge Connection Properties Managed?


Your unoccupied home being monitored. A home watch company securing your most valued asset.


While renting or protecting your property. We can perform basic services that are tailored to you.

Rental Properties

Visiting and inspecting items that could become an issue before they do. Insuring minimal damage.

Vacant Homes

Checklist ensuring your unoccupied home condition is maintained.

Concierge Services in Sarasota Florida

Concierge services can help with a wide variety of personal and business needs.

We will eliminate the need to spend time searching for the right service. Stop! – dealing with frustrating customer service experiences.

Enjoy convenience and peace of mind. Our concierge services will take care of everything for you. From booking tickets to arranging car rentals.

You’ll get the customized assistance you need without having to lift a finger. The home watch concierge services take care of all your needs!

lucky's concierge connection

Concierge Services

Project Oversight

Importantly, dedicated to making sure any work in your home is being done correctly. On time maintaining quality and workmanship.

Personal Transporter

Clearly, you want to avoid spending on parking and dealing with the hassles of airport travel. Use our personal transporter.

Personal Assistant

Maybe, you’re in a situation you need to get something done. Whereas, you don’t know whom to turn to. That’s us.

Personal Shopper

For sure, use your time and energy more wisely. Avoid lines and waiting for things to happen naturally. Will do your shopping for you.

Home Watch Frequent Asked Questions For Homeowners

Above all, Home Watch is an invaluable service that helps homeowners identify any potential issues with their property. Of course, while on vacation or away from the home on an extended period. Also, your Home Watch Manager will inspect the property for signs of damage or danger during visits.

Home Watching is an invaluable protection service for your home or property through regular inspections.

Absolutely, rental property is monitored quite often with renters or in-between renters. Also, while work is being performed before the next move-in or move-out.

More Questions…

Absolutely, great question. We send you pictures and video updates. Reports of any change and needed repairs of damages.

Clearly, this depends on the services selected. How often it’s chosen by you.  In some cases, you might require your home be looked at daily, weekly or by-weekly.

Obviously, home watch cost can very base on whom you hire. Most of all, you want total home discovery while away. So, hire someone you can trust and the cost will be fair. Average cost runs between $35.00 -$65.00 per visit. This also depends on distance to the location and home size. Keep in mind, house sitters can have a higher cost. Someone stays in your house sitting for days.

Interior Services

  • We open and close various window treatments
  • Next, run plumbing to ensure seal lubricated
  • Afterwards, assure appliances are all in proper working order
  • Also, check HVAC systems is working properly
  • As well, water all interior plants and flowers
  • Important, check for water leaks (Inside and Out)
  • At the same time, check for signs of bugs, pests, or rodents
  • Following, by checking all windows and door.
  • Very important, check electrical box for tripped circuits.
  • and more

Exterior Services

  • Of Course, pickup any news papers, flyers and packages.
  • Most important, check for vandalism & forced entry.
  • In addition, check damage from tree limbs & branches.
  • Furthermore,  check gutter systems for proper drainage.
  • Next, make sure sprinkler system is in working order.
  •  Also, Inspect for rodent and/or pest infestation
  •  Just as important, pool & cover inspection
  • Certainly,  water plants and shrubs
  • and more

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