Check for Leaks

check for leaks

Get under the sink and check for leaks

Most important, check for leaks under all your bathroom and kitchen sinks to see if there is and water leaks. Always check the fittings and use a paper towel to wipe all pipes for water.

Look at outside water spigots and check for leaks

Examine all outside spigots around your home for damage and leaks. Be sure to make sure the spigots are completely turn off with no drips.

Are your tub or showers dripping?

Of course, we need to make sure the water is turn off so not to have drips here as well. Sometimes we think we’ve turn it off and still end up with a slow leak.

Here's one most don't think off...

your ac lines. That’s right, we forget to check the lines of our ac units and handler. There are drain lines that clog up and have moister running through them continuously. By the way, don’t forget to replace the filter while your in the closet.

Have a well or on city water? Check for Leaks

Because these locations are away from the home, most homeowners never check them before leaving. It’s a good idea to check where your water comes into the home. By the street if on city water or your well pump. Many times the well being under pressure can pop a line when gone that will need fixing right away. If the pipe leaks at the street from the city line, you are responsible for anything from the meter to the house. But, don’t forget to set your thermostat.

Now, here's a good reason to contact a Home Watch Concierge Service or House Sitter

Always keep in mind, if your going away for a short or long period, leaks do happen. The seals do go bad and need attention. These issues can arise when absent from your home. This is why it’s a good idea to have someone monitoring your home like a home watch service. Lucky’s Concierge Home Watch Company can watch over your home and make periodic visits and check for leaks of your home. We review all of the necessary list of items assuring when you arrive back, all is like you left it with our Sarasota home watch. Just as important, we also provide Casey Key Home Watch services.

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