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Bird Key Home Watch

Bird Key home watch population is made up of males and females who have a median age of 53 years old. Of the 1,750 residents in Bird Key Home Watch Area, 64% are females and 37% are males. As of the 2020 census; 88% of the population in Bird Key was US-born citizens. While 12% were non-US-born citizens. Blue-collar employees make up 16.5% of the workforce in Bird Key. Also, the remaining employees are classified as white-collar workers. There are 699 households in Bird Key. Of course, they continue to grow annually. More than a third of the population in Bird Key (32%) holds a high school degree. Most of all, 26% of the population has attained a college certificate. 

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The island is also known as Barrier Island Key. Because, it forms a barrier between mainland Sarasota and St. Armands Key. A dredge and fill project took place in the late 1950s. This created a 250-acre (1.0 km2) area on Florida’s West Coast. This makes Bird Key an important area. Importantly, needing home watch services due to it’s island area. With the population being secluded, homeowners should have a service always monitoring the property for storm damage while vacant.

Protecting homeowners with our Bird Key Home Watch Service

So, before leaving on vacation or business trip, be sure to contact us for a free quote. Our home watch service team can visit your home on a daily schedule and inform you of issues. Of course, at a fee reasonable for all residents. Most of all, this service includes the outside perimeter and inside dwelling. Also, servicing areas like: Siesta Key and Casey Key.

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Bird Key Home Watch Services

It’s time to start planning your vacation for the holiday season. Leaving home without any security measures might be preventing you from making preparations for a vacation. Always taking the safety of our customers very seriously and our team is dedicated. Most important, providing them with the best possible security measures.

We will take care of the house by performing various maintenance tasks on it such as checking electronics and appliances for proper function and inspecting for signs of vandalism. Lucky’s Concierge Connection is a licensed bird key home watch company that provides homeowners in Bird Key, Florida with 24/7 support. But, don’t forget the other service we due like, personal assistants, personal driver, house sitters and personal shopper.

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Expect Service you can trust when needed the most. No matter the time, Lucky's Concierge Connection is here for you. Don't fret! absentee home owners.

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We guarantee our services, trustworthiness, and 30 years of experience of local knowledge of community support.

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Before our services begin, you'll know exactly what work is to be performed and the cost. No hidden fees!

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Always checking, insuring no surprises when you return home. Working for you when needed the most while absent.

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Sightseeing places you must visit in Bird Key Service Area

Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium

The scientists at this institution are dedicated to the belief that the conservation and sustainable use of the ocean is important. Scientists, explorers and stewards of the ocean are all vital members of the team that is working to protect our oceans. Most of all, it starts with research and education. As their research has expanded, scientists have also started studying human cancer using marine models. The role of science in helping the ocean to thrive and continue providing a sustainable environment is undeniable.

Ringling Bridge Causeway Park

The park is officially known as “Doc” Ernest and Eloise Werlin Park, but is more commonly referred to as Ringling Bridge Causeway Park. This park is a popular spot for fishing because it has the most gorgeous views of Sarasota Bay and the city. There is also a pier that extends into the bay that offers amenities such as a bait shop, restrooms, and a playground for kids! Many people choose to park at Bayfront Park and take a quick walk over to the Ringling Bridge Causeway Park.

Concierge Services Near Me in the Bird Key Service Area

Lucky’s Concierge Connection home watch company is one of the most trusted vacant Sarasota home watch service providers in Bird Key, FL. Of course, we take care of the work so that you don’t have to worry about any break-ins or house maintenance issues while you’re away. Our team of local Florida experts is highly experienced and well-trained, which ensures that our customers receive the best service possible. It is important to let family and friends know that you have a home watch service company in place, in case something goes wrong while you are away. But our Home Watch Services doesn’t stop here. Also servicing, Tallevast Home WatchCasey Key Home WatchSiesta Key Home Watch, Lido Key Home Watch and Bird Key Concierge Services.